Deregulation Bill: Update.

The threat to recreational and competition motoring on unsealed public roads by way of amendments to the Deregulation Bill 2014 remains a ‘clear and present danger’ to us. Read More.

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Minor Roads in Funding Crisis

Recreational and every-day motor use of minor roads, both unsealed and those with a ‘blacktop’ is facing a ‘perfect storm’ of three antagonistic events, all of which individually are seriously hazardous to our future, and have to be tackled together. Read More


LARA have revised the Byway Code. Click the cover, at left, to download.



What is LARA?

The Motoring Organisations' Land Access and Recreation Association (LARA) is an umbrella organisation that brings together the leading national associations in motor sport and recreation. LARA promotes and advocates responsible and sustainable motor sport and recreation, and offers advice and training on all aspects of land use.See – About LARA.

Please note that the LARA HQ has changed. We no longer support a postal address - all communications to be electronic and should be addressed as below. It will then be forwarded to the appropriate person.

Our former postal addresses of PO Box 40, Knighton and PO Box 142 Newcastle upon Tyne are now closed. All communication via email with or without attachments. We ask that you amend your records.