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We’re pleased to announce that the new LARA website is finally live at Please note that this is a temporary web address until we can redirect the existing to the new site (we’re having problems).



Important note to Highway Authorities

It has come to our attention that some Highway Authorities are still sending Notices to old PO boxes. Please note that Notices should be sent electronically to – LARA does not have the facility to receive hard copy.

Wales - potential problems

The MSA have recently released an open letter highlighting issues that could impact on events in Welsh forests.

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New for 2016!

Motor Sport Events in the Countryside. Good Practice Guidance for Event Organisers & Land Managers.

Does the 14/28 Day Rule have you scratching your head? Has the need for Section 33 Approval caused you sleepless nights? We do not claim to have all the answers but this new LARA Guidance gets to grips with a lot of the questions. Available now for download from our Publications page.


An Alternative Approach to Lost Ways?

Members of Herefordshire LAF working on Lost Ways have investigated the current state of highway records and proposed a single digital record and the use of Local Street Gazetteers as an alternative way of recording highways. A paper has been put together on this premise and can be read here. LARA would welcome feedback on the idea, from users and highway authorities. Is this something that would be advantageous to Central Government, local government and the public at large?

The Act

Deregulation Act: Update.

The Deregulation Act 2015. Where next?

So, after over 18 months of hard work and worry for LARA and its Members, the Deregulation Bill passed into law as the Deregulation Act 2015 on 26 March, just in time before Parliament is dissolved ahead of the General Election. In the end the ‘antis’, seeking to amend the Act so as to wipe out unmetalled public roads once and for all, did not get their way, but you can bet your pension on their coming back later for another try.

The provisions in the Act dealing with public rights of way do not have a great deal of impact on motorists. There will be a power for highway authorities to authorise gates, rather than cattle grids, on byways open to all traffic, but we - more than horse riders and people with mobility disability - can live with that.

The big gain in the Act for motor sport is the ability to get local road closure orders to facilitate the running of motor sport events (races, rally stages, hill-climbs, etc.) on public roads. This change, like those for rights of way matters, will not come into force until sets of regulations (Statutory Instruments) and guidance have been drafted and cleared through Parliament. That is likely to take a year at least.

It is not a product of the new Act itself, but the Minister promised Parliament that there will be a ‘Motoring Stakeholder Working Group’ to examine all the concerns raised about vehicles in the countryside during the Bill debates. This MSWG, which is currently being set-up by DEFRA and Natural England, will be tasked to seek and hear evidence and report back to the Minister in 18 months of starting work. There will then be a ‘public consultation’, and be sure that the ‘antis’ will maximise their opportunity in that.

This is all for England only, but similar issues are being discussed in the Welsh Assembly, which body is already looking ahead to an Environment Bill for Wales. The same ‘antis’ are now active west of Offa’s Dyke, having sniffed another opportunity to tell it like it isn’t.

And so, a lot more work lies ahead …

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LARA have revised the Byway Code. Click the cover, at left, to download.



What is LARA?

The Motoring Organisations' Land Access and Recreation Association (LARA) is an umbrella organisation that brings together the leading national associations in motor sport and recreation. LARA promotes and advocates responsible and sustainable motor sport and recreation, and offers advice and training on all aspects of land use.See – About LARA.

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