About LARA

LARA is the motoring organisations' Land Access and Recreation Association and acts as a national forum for the principal groups in countryside motor sport and recreation. LARA does not organise events or act as any sort of governing body, but it does assist its members in a wide range of land access issues: policy, practice and problems. If you want to know more about motor sport and recreation - how to take part, land access issues, planning problems, etc. - then either LARA or one of its member groups probably has the answers you seek.

LARA was formed in June 1986 following pressure from within the Auto Cycle Union, for greater involvement in political action and the formalised procedures associated with land use planning and statutory environmental management, and to be more effective in securing the future legitimacy of motorcycle sport and recreation. These roles had previously been carried out ineffectually through informal consultative channels such as the ACU/BMF Countryside Committee.

Coincidental with this 1986 initiative at the ACU was the publication of the Sports Council report titled "Providing for Motorsport- From Image to Reality". The report concluded that, long overdue, was: "...the formation of a national motorsport pressure group which would, through an activist role, and through advocacy and persuasion, become a respected consultee on all aspects of the provision of facilities, and the control of, motorsports ..."

Motorsport took that advice and created the motoring organisations' Land Access and Recreation Association (LARA). LARA was originally the Land Access and Rights Organisations; this name was changed soon after foundation.

For over two decade LARA has operated to assist its member organisations in their own procedures and problems, acted as a unified voice to national and local government, and generally flown the flag for responsible motorsport and recreation in these increasingly restrictive times.

LARA's operations are set out in a rolling 'Forward Plan', which all the member organisations have helped develop and continue to support. The Forward Plan is available to all member organisations through their own LARA representative.