Law & Practice

A page of text and links that should answer many questions put by the recreational motorist.

Some usefull advice on planning applications that has gone missing from the official web site, so take a look at it here. (3 Mb file)

The Rights of Way Review Committee have published a series of guidance notes on rights of way topics that will be of interest to those working in this area.

From time to time DEFRA release interesting figures. Click here to see the latest position regarding section 63 obstruction notices.

The new version of Making the Best of Byways is now available on the Defra web-site. This is a positive document - one we would commend to those who are supposed to be protecting our rights and maintaining our routes.Please click here to access a copy from our server. (1.5Mb) This paper will also assist those involved in 'green lane' maintenance days.

Planning Inspectorate Advice Notes - GO

Obstructions on BOATs - GO

Restricted Byways - GO

The Byways & Bridleways Trust web site holds a useful resource for dealing with obstruction, DMMOs and all things connected with Byways and unclassified roads.

Electronic Service of notices – is it lawful? LARA have put together this chart from the information available. If, however, you know different, then please get in touch. (Click the chart to enlarge)

electronic service chart