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March 2013: Most drivers today regard ‘rough roads’ as footpaths and bridleways but a considerable number of enthusiasts achieve a great deal of harmless pleasure from exploring our superb unclassified road network.

Inevitably there is friction between different types of traffic and between the public and private interests. Of late a lot of time and money has gone into serious legal battles about the status and use of ‘unclassified roads’ in England and Wales. We believe that the origins and management of these roads, when properly researched, clearly point to their being ... roads.

This is the first version of LARA’s report on Unsealed Unclassified Roads, and we invite and welcome suggestions for improvement. LARA and its Members are ready and willing to work with highway authorities, and I hope that this positive attitude will be reciprocated. Press Release

March 2013: LARA publishes a new handbook on good practice in managing motor traffic on unsealed public roads complete with a resources appendix. Press Release

February 2013: The Bristol Motor Club’s Allen Trial (first run in 1946) will still be able to use one of its best test sections thanks to a carefully thought-out traffic regulation order made by Bath and North East Somerset Council. Press Release

November 2011: LARA made representation on behalf of motorists at a non-statutory Public Inquiry into the imposition of Traffic regulation Order on the byways around Stonehenge. LARA's arguments prevailed and it looks like these routes will remain open to the few motorists that currently use them. Press Release

October 2011: LARA press day. In view of the threats facing motorsport LARA held a press briefing on the 15th November at Colnbrook. For more click here. Or, contact our Motor Sport Planning Specialist via



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