LARA's Operating principles

  • LARA's prime role is to act corporately on behalf of, and for the benefit of, all or any of its members in ways which benefit from a corporate approach; on issues which may require skills, expertise, knowledge and availability which cannot always be retained or adequately exercised independently by member organisations.
  • LARA provides an opportunity for a united response to threats and a united approach to opportunities, with more weight than individual actions.
  • LARA also attempts to impart greater activist, persuasion and advocacy skills to member organisations in order that they may better represent their interests.
  • LARA provides a forum for discussion amongst organisations that previously had no regular contact, and co-ordinates opinion.
  • LARA draws members' attention to, and advises members on, important issues affecting their sport or recreation, including those which might otherwise have been overlooked, or the importance of which not realised.
  • LARA provides a channel of communication to and from outside agencies that, otherwise, may not so easily be contacted, or where outside agencies have consulted with member organisations individually.
  • LARA attempts to establish jointly approved principles that all member organisations can adopt.
  • LARA does not replace, and is not superior to, any of its member organisations.
  • LARA is not a quasi-governing body.




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