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Over the years LARA have produced a varied collection of booklets and papers on subjects related to its work with and for motorsport.

Publications available here are downloadable as PDF files. You may need Acrobat Reader to view them, although they should open in your usual web browser. If you experience any problems then you can download Acrobat Reader, for free, from

LARA publications available on this web site are free of charge, although all normal copyright rules apply. Most of our older reports are simply too big to make available on-line, but we can supply a CD database of these for a charge - please contact the LARA office if interested.

LARA Guidance
Trials guidance

Motor Sport Events in the Countryside. Good Practice Guidance for Event Organisers & Land Managers.

Does the 14/28 Day Rule have you scratching your head? Has the need for Section 33 Approval caused you sleepless nights? We do not claim to have all the answers but this new LARA Guidance gets to grips with a lot of the questions. Click here to download.

LARA UUR Guidance

LARA have now published a first version of a paper on Unmetalled Unclassified Roads. This is the first version of the report and we invite and welcome suggestions for improvement. LARA and its Members are ready and willing to work with highway authorities, and I hope that this positive attitude will be reciprocated. Now updated with the initial revisions - 31 March 2013.

Download the UUR Paper and the Appendices

LARA Guidance on TROs

LARA handbook on good practice in managing motor traffic on unsealed public roads. Updated in May 2014

Recreational motoring on unsealed roads and byways is a complex issue. Some people think that motor vehicles should simply be banned from unsealed roads and nothing is going to change that view, but there is increasingly a ‘middle ground’ approach from highway authorities, which seeks to apply a considered ‘least restrictive approach’ philosophy to traffic management.

New factors have come to bear upon this issue: the financial cuts suffered by councils, and the increasing frequency of extreme weather events, leading to waterlogged ground conditions far more often than a decade ago. This guidance is intended to be helpful to all concerned, and to avoid resort to the courts at great expense to all parties.

LARA believes that consensus management of motor traffic on unsealed roads, appropriate to the circumstances in each case, together with sufficient maintenance and a realistic expectation of what a byway should be like, is the way ahead.

This is the first version of LARA’s Traffic Management Hierarchy, and we welcome suggestions for improvement. LARA and its Members are ready and willing to work with all parties.

Download Part 1 here & Part 2 here.

For further information and photographs to go with a news report please contact Alan Kind at

Code of Conduct Download LARA's Code of Conduct here.

Current publications like 'codes of conduct' are usually available in paper format free of charge on request from the LARA office.

* Those files so marked are extracts only, due to the file size.

The Future of Motor Sport

Motor Sport in the Next Ten Years

Planning Trends

LARA Conference Papers

Planning for Motorsport & Recreation in an increasingly Sensitive Environment: LARA Conference,1993 *

Secret Highways : LARA's Workshop, 1994 *

Countryside Consensus: LARA's Workshop 1998 *

LARA Guidance Notes & Codes of Conduct

Please see above for the Byway Code.

Other Guidance is currently being reviewed and should be available here shortly. (24 July 2015)

LARA Advice Notes

'Access Land' and Motorsport

Local Countryside Access Forums

RUPPs and Restricted Byways

LARA Access Management Reports

Hierarchy of Trail Routes: Project Report 1997 *

Mastiles Lane: Aggravation or Agriculture? 1988 report by Tim Stevens

Footpaths Bridleways and Carriageways: consultation document 1989 *

Report on the condition of Dere Street>, Jan. 2000

Report from the public inquiry into motor use of Dere Street, summer 2000 *

Survey on motorcycle access in the Cheviots, Jan 2000

Deadman's Hill restoration project report, July 2000 *

Miscellaneous Reports

The Rights of Way Review Committee have published a series of guidance notes on rights of way topics that will be of interest to those working in this area.

A paper on unclassified roads and the Definitive Map and Statement

Have Motorsport and motor recreation achieved facility provision by working with the land use planning and governmental process? A Dissertation by Richard Fordham.


Competitive Sport on Minor Highways: Traffic Suspension Orders

Providing for Motorsport: Sports Council Report * [by permission]

Motorsport and Motor Recreation: Sports Council Report * [by permission]

A Model Approach to Resolving Conflict in the Countryside [SCW & CCW, by permission]

The LARA response to DEFRA consultation on a proposed framework for Local Access Forums

Trail Parks and Off-Road Sites

The Red Rose Project - Scrambling to Success. The Problems and Solutions to illegal off-road motorcycling in Greater Manchester. Either the full report or a summary. 2005

Northern Motorsports Project - 1989 *

Motorsport in the community - 1990 *

The Way Ahead - 1991 *

New Perspectives on Off-Road Motorcycling *

Turning the Tide: Report on illegal motorcycling 1999 * [by permission]

A leaflet from the police forces around the metropolis of Manchester. If you misbehave on a dirt bike this one is for you.


Planning Issues

Motorsport - by Richard Fordham

Motorsport, The sport that planning cannot see - by Richard Fordham

All publications will hopefully be in a DropBox folder by early 2015.


Goodwood-FoS 2010

Sunseeker 2010