Highway Authority Local Users’ Contact Name & Council ref’n of the Route Location of LARA VR Signs Reason for the Voluntary Restraint Type of Vehicles Affected Start Date End Date
Yorkshire Dales Stuart Monk TRF OL2 SD 676764 to 707790 Status in dispute All MPV 1 Feb 31 July
Hampshire dave.tilbury@laragb.org East Meon 45, 46, 47, 48 SU692224 SU689220 SU696214 SU699227 SU670220 Repairs and consolidation 4x4    

Steve Pighills


Breast High Road

NY555 037
NY566 044
NY570 046
NY573 047
NY574 048

Environmentally sensitive away from the line of the road. Motorcycles & cycles Dec 11 May 2012
Denbighshire Aleck Coulson SJ2039-02 SJ20853994
North Yorks LARA U8119/9/50 SE 968947 to SE 965944 To allow repaires to consolidaye All Aug 1 Nov 1